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Make a Six Figure Salary as a Hairstylist using the 3 R’s

I like to think that people who decided to “Do Hair,” made the decision based on the ability to make money. Making a six figure salary is and should be a goal that hairstylist have. I had the privilege to sit in on a class this week presented by Sylvester Bailey with Design Essentials. He […]

Holiday Skin Care

The holiday season is upon us.  There will be many parties and festive activities that many of us will be participating in over the next few months.  Appropriate skin and body care is going to be important after the partying, alcohol consumption, irregular sleeping, and unbalanced diet.  These unhealthy happenings can be harmful to your […]

Hairstylist Suicide Awareness – Robin Williams

I was really taken aback when I heard about Robin Williams alleged suicide. I know his family and friends are grieving and may be wondering what more they could’ve done to help. As a hairstylist, we come across many people from all walks of life and it is often joked about how hairstylist should be […]

Normal Hair Type

This post was inspired by Micah Bournes. He wrote a poem about normal hair. The poem was inspired by a shampoo bottle that read “for Normal Hair” What is normal hair? As a society and as people everyone has their idea of normal hair, good hair, bad hair, nappy hair, white people hair, black people […]

Children in the salon

Kids in the salon. This seems to be a controversial issue among salons and stylist. So I have decided to voice my opinion on where I stand when it comes to having children in the salon. Often times you have a mother that wants to get serviced but she does not have anyone to watch […]

Clients need to be educated

As a hairdresser I do think it is vitally important to educate and recommend home maintenance to your clients. The simple fact is that clients don’t know all the ins and outs about hair and that is why they come to you, the professional. Every time a client sits in your chair it’s an opportunity […]

Summer Pool hair

Its summer time and time for swimming. So what are the best ways to prepare you hair for the refreshing swim to avoid that awful “Pool Hair” The key thing is to get your hair in the most optimal condition not to soak up all the chlorine water. Wet your hair before you enter the […]